1. To guarantee the reservation of your places, you will be given a waiting day to make the trip confirmation through the saved deposit, if you do not receive your file / ticket, your reservation will be canceled. This after you show interest in the trip.

a) Once we have received your voucher within a maximum period of 48 business hours we will respond with the trip reservation confirmation.

b) The total payment of the trip must be covered 5 days before the departure date.

2. The place or places paid as well as the deposits made are not transferable.

a) Only if we get someone on the waiting list to take your place, we refund your payment minus an administrative fee of 30%.

3. If you cancel or something prevents you from attending the trip, there will be no refund.

4. Once the company receives the reservation of places, these are blocked so it is obliged to pay the totality of said reservation without exception, in case of non-compliance the service cannot be provided until the liquidation of all the reserved places .

5. The trip would have to be canceled from us in case of:

a) Not having enough reservations.

b) Events that put your security at risk such as riots, demonstrations, social repressions, strikes, etc.

6. If we cancel, we will refund 100% of your payment.

a) If so for administrative reasons, the reimbursement process will be carried out in a maximum period of 5 business days.

7. Once the deposit of advance payment or total payment of the trip is made, the conditions of the trip expressed on this page are read and accepted, social networks and other means of advertising related to the trip offered.

8. Therefore I attend with ViajaMx to the trip in question under my total responsibility, as it is stated that I am fully responsible for any act that I or the people traveling with me (as they are partners, family, students, friends, etc.) may perform.

9. In case of breaking any rule of the places that are visited in the tour or not taking into account the recommendations properly, my companions and I disclaim the agency from all legal responsibility and the people who work in it.

10. During the execution of our trips, the itinerary is subject to the changes that are considered pertinent on the part of the trip coordinators, looking for the way that everything is beneficial for the travelers.

11. Prices subject to change without notice.

12. ViajaMx will not be responsible for lost or forgotten items during the trip.

13. Check the place and time of departure well to prevent you from arriving late or getting lost when you arrive at the meeting point.

14. For the safety of all, it is forbidden to make intermediate stops to raise people in case they are late, only the technical stops designated by the coordinator.

15. No refund, rescheduling dates, or modification for any reason.

16. Any conduct of the user of the services that is not in appropriate with the goals of the agency, that is contrary to morals and good customs or that in any way that disrupts the ViajaMX environment to customers, travelers or staff is expressly prohibited.

17. It is totally forbidden to physically or verbally attack other clients and / or employees of ViajaMX

18. The user of the services that commits any action, offense, physical or verbal aggression or other acts that violate the Law and / or that are harmful to ViajaMX, must compensate it.

19. It is suggested to arrive minutes before the assigned time at all meeting points, in order to be on time at the time and place assigned by the guide or group coordinator, since by established itinerary and out of respect for all travelers, tolerance will not be maintained.

20. Remember that traveling always involves adventures, climatic complications, mechanical mishaps or roads etc, external to the ViajaMx operation. So you should always follow the precautionary measures of the Agency or of the site to visit.

21. Consider that some tours are on foot through cobbled streets, dirt roads etc.

22. Dates or itinerary subject to change and availability by agency operation, climate change, congestion, closure of roads, etc.

23. Any conduct that hinders the operation of the agency or puts the health or safety of others at risk Travelers will be cause for denial of service without any refund.

24. Our service hours are Monday through Friday from 11 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm.

25. Any suggestion or claim must be made in writing (contacto@viajamx.org)