Find the largest Zipline over the sea in Acapulco! 🏝

Jump from the largest zip line over the sea, it is located in the port of Acapulco, where you can get adrenaline at 100 meters high at 120 kilometers per hour.

No matter how old you are (only meet weight and height), everyone can live this experience. In this zip line, you will not be seated like in many others, due to its technology and the speed at which it runs, you will ride it in a Superman pose, and you will go in a kind of vertical inclined fall across the sea of ​​the Bay of Puerto Marqués.

Do you need more adrenaline? You can have a good dose, without leaving the country, in the largest zip line over the sea of ​​Acapulco. It is 100 meters above the sea (700 meters above the water) and you will travel a circuit of 1,800 meters at 120 kilometers per hour. Launch yourself and travel the sea from the heights!

Where? Xtasea: Av. Costera de las Palmas s/n, colonia Granjas del Marqués,km 297.79, Acapulco, 01 800 970 0970;

Availability: Lun. a dom., 9:00 a 21:00.

How much it costs? $999.