15th Birthday Trips

Celebrate your 15th birthday with a trip to Disney

Just a couple of decades ago, practically the only way to celebrate a woman's fifteen birthday was through a dream night, in which the family and friends of the entertained attended a party in a room and made her feel like a princess. Currently, this fashion remains, and continues to be one of the most demanded options in Mexico City.

But it was in recent years when an equal or more unforgettable alternative for girls emerged, mainly for those who do not enjoy a party so much that it means a huge financial expense for parents. Celebrating fifteen years with a trip can be even cheaper than renting a room, with invitation cards, dress, dinner, photographer and countless more expenses.

Travel agents offer various economic tourist destinations so that the birthday celebration stops lasting a single night and extends for up to a full week. The most sought after of these destinations, mainly due to the birthday of the birthday girl, is the famous Disney World, a tourist complex very famous worldwide, both for its theme parks and for its many hotels.

Disney has four large theme parks, two water parks, six golf courses, a sports complex, two shopping centers, twenty-four Disney hotels and multiple stores and restaurants. A true paradise for fifteen-year-old girls, whose size is equal to that of the entire city of San Francisco.

A 15 year old trip is the best opportunity to make an unforgettable celebration. To do this, travel agencies organize specialized packages for each birthday girl, which begins with a meeting with their parents to inform them of how the entire tour will be. The company is responsible for paying for flights, accommodation, transfers, park tickets, walks, meals, shopping day and dinner for 15 years. All this added to a permanent advice and follow-up make this definitely the best trip in the life of those who hire it, who leave everything in the hands of professionals, taking care only of enjoying Disney.

Trips to Disney are a celebration for girls who turn 15, and want a professional agency to take care of every last detail and personalize and base on your tastes all the steps. With the participation of all Disney characters and Cinderella's float, the list of options to make at the theme parks seems endless. And for parents it will be a full party, since it is cheaper than most parties of 15 and can be paid with cash, cards, deposits and transfers.